D 5.1.1: “Study about Demand Response technical solutions and electrical power erasable in the mobile network” (March 2016)

D5.1.2: “Demand Response Demonstrator ” (January 2017)

D5.1.3: “Radio Engineering solution to adapt the mobile network energy consumption to the smart-grid. ” (November 2017)

D5.1.4: “Batteries localization and functionalities in the radio mobile network ” (November 2018)

D5.2.1: “Qualitative economic assessment of the interaction between the smart grid and network operators” (October 2016)

D5.2.2: “Quantitative economic analysis of the interaction between smart grids and mobile networks. ” (January 2018)

D5.3.1: “Technical Economic Study on hydrogen backup solutions ” (December 2016)

D5.3.2: “Lithium batteries tests achievements and general specifications of an innovative BMS ” (November 2016)

D5.3.3: “Dimensioning and simulation report for hybrid Lithium Batteries and Hydrogen Energy system ” (March 2018)

D5.3.4a: “Li tests and model, with Orange 12 V BMS” (October 2018)

D5.3.4b: “Development of BMS : BMS Detailed study and experimental analysis on unit functionalities and communication functions” (November 2018)

D5.4.1: “Energy harvesting with fast hybrid charging and synchronization of autonomous hybrid power systems for radio base station – site efficiencies” (October 2016)

D5.4.2: “Site efficiencies with Lithium energy storage technology” (June 2018)

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