Final deliverables versions for WP4

Deliverable D4.1.1 “Energy Optimized VRAN architecture” (December 2016)

Deliverable D4.1.2 “Demonstrator for energy efficient VRAN” (December 2017)

Deliverable D4.1.3 “Energy Optimized VRAN architecture: update with life data network collecting and analysis”  (June 2017)

Deliverable D4.1.5 “Joint Optimization of Functional Splitting and Content Placement for Energy Efficiency in Hybrid CRAN” (Status = in review)

Deliverable D4.2.1 “Solutions for energy efficient VRAN network segments” (August 2016)

Deliverable D4.2.2 “ASIC design (IP soft core) for polar code” (October 2017)

Deliverable D4.2.3 “Demonstrator of the VRAN-optimized fronthaul solution” (September 2018)

Deliverable D4.2.4 “Demonstrator of a hardware accelerated platform optimized for VRAN” (Status = in review)

Deliverable D4.3.1 “Architectural study of the passive cooling systems: analysis and energy optimization”

Deliverable D4.3.2 “Passive Cooling – Performance result analysis in laboratory environment”

Deliverable D4.3.3 “Demonstrator of passive cooling in a central office”   (Status = in review)


Demo D4.2.3 “Demonstrator of the VRAN-optimized fronthaul solution” (video by Polaran)

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