This work package intends to provide a clear and global view on the actual energy gains potential of the V-RAN approach, including hardware/software architecture, fronthauling communication, resources orchestration, service delivery, and central office cooling.

  • Task 4.1 VRAN architecture and resource orchestration for an energy efficient service
  • Task 4.2 Energy efficient VRAN network segments: hardware, software and fronthauling optimization
  • Task 4.3 Passive cooling and thermal management of next-generation central offices

WP4 Overview (partners, tasks, deliverables, planning): soogreen_-_wp4_overview_-_230615.ppt


ALU AUDIO CONFERENCING INFORMATION (used for monthly audio meetings)

List of toll-free numbers for different countries: alu_bridge_-_toll-free.doc

Bridge number: 0772729#


WP4 Meetings (F2F and Audio)

22-23.03.2016 – F2F Meeting (Stockholm)

15-16.12.2015 – F2F Meeting (Issy Les Moulineaux)

05.11.2015 – Audio meeting

23.06.2015 – Audio meeting

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