This work package aims to design mobile networks that are able to absorb this drastic increase in traffic while mastering their energy consumption. This will be achieved through two complementary axes: access network energy efficiency increase and end-to-end optimization of content delivery solutions. This task will also work on the energy efficiency of the site equipment in order to ensure that the saving achieved at the level of the network equipment is followed by good gains in the actual energy consumption.


20th September 2017

11th May Review Minutes



Presentations of face 2 face Porto 16-10-12

Meysam Masoudi, KTH – Green mobile cloud communication

Aftab Hossain, KTH – Surviving the event triggered capacity surge

Bikash Shakya, MIC Nordic – Energy consumption and state of the art design for indoor mobile networks

Thabet GHARBI, Arelis Broadcast – Demonstrator of energy efficient offloading solutions

Presentation of broadcast offloading demonstrator 16-09-01

Minutes of monthly meetings & face 2 face


Task3.1: Dynamic optimization in access

Deliverable D3.1.1

Deliverable D3.1.2


Task 3.2: End-to-end optimization including access and core networks and content servers

Deliverable D3.2.1

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