This work package is responsible for modelling, measuring and reporting energy consumption of services in mobile networks.



Task 2.1 : Modelling of energy consumption of services

D2.1.1 (V0.3): title “Preliminary energy consumption models for services in mobile networks”

The first version of the deliverable to be reviewed and enhanced by all partners before the end of February

Task 2.2: Measurement and reporting methods for energy consumption

Minutes of WP2 review meeting, 10 February 2016



Minutes of WP2 F2F meeting, 15/16 December 2015

Technical presentation, advanced modelling to fairly share the energy consumption between services thanks to game theory, Orange and IMT, 16 December 2015

Key achievements of WP2, date: 15 December 2015

Minutes of WP2 review, date: 6 November 2015

Technical presentation, generic preliminary modelling to share the E2E energy consumption between services, Orange and IMT, Kickoff of the project, 15 June 2015

Minutes of WP2 teleconferences and meetings


Background material

Common Opera Net 2 Paper submited (and then rejected) in june 2014 – Do not cover Cooling, Life Cycle analysis or amplifier activities of ON2

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