Includes the diverse activities of management of the project, among which the meetings of follow-up and presentation in the official authorities of the project, the management of the ready for delivery, the implementation of the collaborative site of sharing of documents etc….


SooGREEN 11/12th June Plenary meeting

SooGREEN 13/14th February Plenary meeting



SooGREEN 11th December 2017 monthly review


SooGREEN 17/18th October 2017 Plenary meeting

SooGREEN Contact Detail and Mailing List

SooGREEN 13/14th June 2017 Plenary meeting

SooGREEN 17-18-19th January 2017 Plenary and MTR minutes

SooGREEN MTR presentation



12-13th October 2016 Face to Face presentation

13-14-15 June 2016 Face to Face presentation

22nd/23rd March 2016 Face to Face presentation



15/16th December 2015 Minutes

15-16th June 2015 Kick-Off Review

27th May WP1 Monthly Review

17th April WP1 Monthly Review

8th April 2015 Project Description Review

19th March 2015 Project Description review

18th March 2015 French Annexe Technique Review

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